Mmm… Lavender

Hi everybody, Jessica again! This is my second blog ever, but I am definitely starting to get the hang of it. This post will be focused on our new, oh-so adorable, baby chicks! If y’all haven’t read my first blog introducing myself and the gals, make sure too!

So, last night as I was performing my nightly baby watch (gotta make sure they stay warm, have food/water, and of course, give them attention) I noticed one of our Cochin’s peck peck peckin’ away at our lavender plant we put in there home. Originally, we put the plant in there to keep their nest smelling nice, and to give them some greenery to play with. I found it interesting how much this one chick in particular was so intrigued with the lavender.

lavender 4lavender 2

Some of you (or all) might know already the benefits of lavender plants, but it got me wondering.. SO! I did some research. Not only does lavender smell heavenly (a main ingredient in Treats for Chickens 100% organic Nesting Box Blend) but it also has some beneficial components of it. Lavender has such a powerful, soothing aroma that it actually calms your chickens, gives them a sense of serenity almost. Lavender is also a really nice insecticidal herb, meaning it keeps all the creepy, crawly bugs away from your precious flock.

And get this, lavender is just ONE of the many organic herbs in Treats for Chickens Nesting Box Blend! We’re talking about chamomile, peppermint, wormwood, tansy, eucalyptus leaves, calendula (marigold petals), catnip, and spearmint! All organic and having their own necessary benefits.Treats for Chickens provides this blend to be a top notch pest repellent, anti-fungal/antibacterial, soothing, healing, and aromatic addition for your nesting boxes. How much better can you get?

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Younger chickens often experience stress when they begin to lay eggs. Even older experienced layers can feel stress from time to time. Allow this special and caring formulation to benefit laying hens of all ages – your eggs will be even more wonderful!

Thanks for checkin’ up on today’s blog about the benefits of lavender and organic herbs of all sorts for your feathered friends. Until next time!