Established in 2009, Treats for Chickens is a family owned & operated business.  Along our journey we’ve had upwards of 300+ in our flock (all properly named, of course) and as few as 8. We are the culmination of decades of chicken raising and chicken loving. It’s about helping YOU – the chicken-tend-to Ma or Pa, and you who covets fresh eggs and cage-free chickens – live with and maintain happy and healthy chickens.

We as humans tend to base our food buying decisions off the choices available to us.  Same goes for chickens – give or take the occasional worm, cricket or other creepy chicken delicacy.  Good, clean food for chickens = healthy, clean, eggs for humans.  So it’s simple. The better we eat, the better we feel. We love chickens! Adore chickens! Revere chickens! We are the experts and want to help you and your flock flourish and thrive.

We want to assist in the relationship that forms between human and poultry. It’s magical and mystical and once you get to know your flock – it’s hysterical! Having raised hundreds of chickens using natural, and downright groovy, methods, we want to pass our ideas and practices on to you with products that work – really work.

Your chickens are your pets and you treat them well; we understand that, and strive to do just the same.  That is why we became USDA Organically certified in 2013 and work with farmers, veterinarians, old-timers, herbalists and scholars near and far to provide you, and your flock, with real, honest ingredients free of pesticides, preservatives and junk. Treats for Chickens is about saving the world, one backyard hen at a time.

Visit us often.  Read and contribute to our blog.  Shop with confidence.  Become part of our flock.


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