Flock of Chicken Terms: A-G

Look no further for your “Chicken Encyclopedia”. Treats for Chickens has made this easy-to-view and understand list of the most commonly used chicken terms. With fun pictures to go along! Terms listed are A-G 

Bantam – A smaller variety of chicken

Bantam vs. Standard chicken (Photo credit)

Bloom – A protective coating on an egg that helps keep bacteria out of the porous shell of the egg.

Bloom – Natural coating to protect egg (Photo credit)

Breed A group of chickens that share various characteristics including comb and plumage style.

There are many different breeds of chickens (Photo credit)

Brood A batch of chicks.

A brood of adorable baby chicks (Photo credit)

Broody A hen sitting on a clutch of eggs until they hatch. A hen is “broody” when she has the overwhelming desire to sit and hatch eggs.

A broody hen nurturing and protecting her eggs (Photo credit)

Candeling To view the contents of an egg by shining a light thru it. Used to determine fertility.

Candling eggs reveal the progress of the embryo (Photo credit)

Cannibalism Chickens under stress pecking at each other.

No More Cannibalism

Two great products available to reduce and heal cannibalism. Rooster Booster Pick-No-More Lotion and Vetericyn Poultry Care

Chicken A domesticated fowl. Human Caution: tendency to cause addiction to their presence.

There are 2 different types of chickens; a hen and a rooster (Photo credit)

Clutch A group of eggs accumulated by a hen for incubation.

A clutch of eggs (Photo credit)

Cock A male chicken or rooster a year or more old.

A cock crowing

Cockerel A male chicken less than one year old.

A cockerel (Photo credit)

Comb The fleshy red spiked material on a chicken’s head.

There are many different types of combs a chicken can have. A red comb = a healthy comb. Click here to get comb reddening for your flock (Photo credit)

Coop A safe place for your chickens to roost, lay eggs and to be protected from weather.

This size coop can comfortably hold 4 hens (Photo credit)

Crest The bunch of feathers on the head of some breeds.

A crest of feathers

Crop The pouch in a chicken’s esophagus, at the base of its neck, that bulges with feed. Can feel like a golf ball.

Location of the crop (Photo credit)

Debeak To remove part of the top beak to prevent cannibalism. NOT RECOMMENDED. This is a very cruel method to prevent overcrowding incidents due to improper care!

De-beaking is NOT advised. Very cruel and causes pain to the chicken (Photo credit)

Droppings Manure.

Example of healthy chicken droppings (Photo credit)

Embryo The developing chicken inside a fertile egg.

Capturing 5, 6, 9, 12, and 18 days into the development of a chicken (Photo credit)

Fluff The soft feathering on a chicken’s butt.

Colorful, fluffy-butted hens (Photo credit)

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