From Chick to Chicken

Has anybody else been reading Melissa Caughey’s new book A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens? I only know the few basics of chickens, so my boss Dawn (also the owner of Treats for Chickens) suggested that I give this read a try. And boy, let me tell you, I am learning so much! I am becoming educated in areas I never knew existed. As you all may hopefully already know, we recently purchased baby chicks. So all of Chapter 4 (From Chick to Chicken) just happens to be my favorite part so far. Our chicks are 2 weeks old right now, which is considered the “middle schooler” stage.

chick 1  chick

 Here are our girls starting to perch in their brooder. In one picture, just hanging out overseeing everybody else, and within a second, there she goes! Off to try and escape. Our chicks are so spunky and happy, I love it!

chick 2chick 3

As you can see, all 9 of our chicks are starting to get their tail feathers and wing feathers! Gosh, they grow so fast. They are only two weeks old!

beak 1beak

Even one of our chicks is starting to grow her comb! I couldn’t believe it when I saw this. I had to capture a picture. I mean, two weeks old, and already growing a comb?! Is this normal? Again, I don’t know much about chickens, so this definitely shocked me..

The next step according to Melissa’s book is the teenager stage! They seem to look so awkward and scrawny at this point. We have about another week or so until they graduate from a middle schooler to a teenager! I still cannot believe it was only two Sunday’s ago we picked these girls up from the local feed store.. Anywho, thanks for checkin’ up on the update of our chicks! Click here if you want to get your own copy of A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens from our online store. I definitely recommend it to people of all ages, it is a very good read. That’s it for now, I’m flying the coop!


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