And the Results Are….

Hello everyone, Jessica here from Treats for Chickens. I hope everyone had as wonderful as an Easter as I did! My favorite part was the dinner (as always). I mean we had all my favorites.. ham, sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, corn bread, soft rolls, strawberry shortcake.. Besides the most fabulous food, I would have to say dying our Easter eggs with silk ties was quite an event! I hope everyone read my blog this past weekend when I talked about this creative twist on dying your hard-boiled eggs. I said I would post my results, so here we go..


So here we are. We have our three eggs and the silk tie’s of our choice. We found a ton of cool, funky ties at the local thrift store.

silk 2silk 4

And this is where we started improvising.. When gathering our supplies, we totally forgot to pick up some white cloth to wrap around the silk ties! And, we didn’t have tin-ties either. So, after cutting up and wrapping the ties around our eggs, we used tin foil. Yes, tin foil.  We wrapped our eggs super tight with it, and they seemed to be very secure.

silk 5silk 6

The photos above shows our newly wrapped eggs moving on to the next phase of the project: a pot of boiling water. We added the eggs then put in 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar! Here we go again, improvising. We didn’t have any white vinegar, so totally made it our own by using apple cider vinegar. We let the eggs boil for 7 mins. Doesn’t the egg in the middle kind of look like a turnip? LOL! We each all had our own way of wrapping the eggs.

silk 8

Ta-da! The unwrapping of the first egg! Cross your fingers..

silk 9

And voila! Looks pretty darn cool to me, what do you all think? Wait till you see the next one..

silk 10silk 11

So this egg is mine.. And I think I wrapped it backwards! Clearly the design did not dye onto my egg.. Whoop-sies!

silk 13

And this is the last, but not least, final silk-tie dyed egg!

silk 14

All three of them together. Pretty cool huh? Even my totally messed up one has some sort of nice purple swirl to it. For totally NOT following the directions, I think they turned out pretty sweet. Which one is your favorite? Did anybody else do silk-tie dyed eggs this past Easter holiday? Thanks for checkin’ up on my results. Until next time!


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